Experts and alumni of UHHRU training program presented report on the observance of lawyers’ rights under conditions of the armed conflict

On August 3, 2018, experts and alumni of UHHRU program Human Rights Standards in the Practice of Advocates and Judges presented report Lawyers under Occupation at the Educational Human Rights Fest in Chernihiv.

It is the first comprehensive work that contains facts and an assessment of the implementation of professional standards and guarantees for the activities of lawyers from the occupied territories of Ukraine, as well as lawyers from among the IDPs. The report also identifies threats and risks that these lawyers face. In addition, experts developed specific recommendations on how to improve the situation.

Прямо зараз презентація доповіді: "Адвокати в окупації. Ситуація щодо дотримання прав адвокатів в умовах збройного конфлікту в Україні" Dasha Svyrydova Афанасьева Марьяна (Mariana Afanasieva) Роман Мартыновский (Roman Martynovskyy) Лілія Гємєджи Українська Гельсінська спілка з прав людини – УГСПЛ

Gepostet von Освітній дім прав людини в Чернігові / Human Rights House in Chernihiv am Freitag, 3. August 2018

Presentation of the full report will take place in September 2018

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