EU Ambassador meets Ukrainian human rights activists

Following the annual EU-Ukraine Human Rights Dialogue, which took place in Brussels on the 23rd of May 2013 with the presence of Deputy Minister of Justice Yemelianova, the EU Delegation hosted an informal debrief for Ukrainian civil society organisations that are active in the area of human rights protection.

The meeting was opened by Ambassador Tombinski, who highlighted the role of human rights in EU-Ukraine relations and their place at the core of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

This meeting was part of the regular dialogue that the EU Delegation holds with Ukrainian NGOs and enabled an exchange of views on issues that are at the top of the EU-Ukraine agenda, such as freedom of the media, freedom of assembly, equality and non-discrimination, cases of ill-treatment by law enforcement bodies, and the need to establish a solid framework for the protection of human rights, including through the establishment of an independent judiciary, a modern system of public prosecution and a consistent legislative framework for all elections. The issue of selective prosecution of opposition leaders was also raised in the framework of judicial reform.

The EU Delegation took note of the views and concerns of Ukrainian civil society organisations, thanked their engagement in the promotion of democratic values and reiterated its commitment to continue to support their participation in the public policy debate.

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