Enver Juliman presented his book “Reconciliation: Directions along the Way” in Kyiv

It was organized by the All-Ukrainian Educational Program “We understand Human Rights” and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee

Enver Juliman is head of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee’s Department on Human Rights and Peace Education. He has experience in education, peace building and human rights activities in Norway, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, North and South Caucasus, and Western Balkans. He is one of the founders of the All-Ukrainian Educational Program “We understand Human Rights” and actively contributes to its development. In 1993, he came to Norway as a refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he had become a witness and victim of a bloody war.

His book “Reconciliation: Directions along the Way” offers advice on how to treat and interpret history. The main issue it deals with is what attitude we should take toward others – the neighbor next door as well as the one living on the other side of the road. The book contains an important reminder of the responsibility that should be shared by all. Mr. Juliman reminds the “custodians” of peace in society, such as politicians, religious leaders, artists, journalists, war veterans, human rights activists, scholars and teachers, of their responsibilities in the area of reconciliation.

Enver Juliman

In Kyiv, the human rights defender shared his own experience and told about the social processes that had been happening during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other regions, as well as how post-conflict settlement, including the implementation of transitional justice, took place in the context of these processes.

At the end of the presentation, there was an animated debate with the participants took place, who were interested in Enver Juliman’s opinions regarding the hostilities in the Balkans, as well as the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and the purported occupation of certain regions of Donbas and Crimea. The participants had the opportunity to get the book Reconciliation: Directions along the Way in Ukrainian as a gift.




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