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The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is sending the Prosecutor General a list of people who have been tortured in police stations. The list is of people who were subjected to torture by police officers and whose complaints were not properly investigated by the prosecutor’s office. The information was received from all regions of Ukraine and has been checked by human rights defenders.

UHHRU endeavoured to pass this list to authorized representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office during the picket on 26 June – International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, but were unfortunately not given the opportunity. A member of staff came out and assured those present that they were waiting for them and for the information they were planning to pass on. However, when Arkady Bushchenko, the Head of the UHHRU Board tried to go in and pass on the documents, it turned out that none of the representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office wished to meet him and accept the documents.

The list is available here:: List of victims


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