A Former Policeman Won More than 5 Thousand Euro in the European Court

A former policeman Viacheslav Baryshevskyi spent 2 years in a pretrial detention centre waiting for a trial. Ukrainian judges were slow to consider his case. Neither did they consider it necessary to release him.

His arrest was constantly being extended during these 2 years, sometimes even without any efforts to explain their argumentation. His case was submitted for further investigation three times.

These actions of state authorities became the reason for an appeal to the European Court, which  admitted, that the duration of arrest of mister Baryshevskyi and slow investigation of his case constitute a breach of the right to freedom and integrity of the person, as well as the right to a fair trial.

The mistake of Ukrainian judges and law-enforcing bodies cost the state over 5 thousand euro.

This case was supported by the Strategic Litigations Fund of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.

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