68% of prosecutions against Ukraine were won by lawyers who practised law in Human Rights Institutions

According to the judge of the European Court, Hanna Yudkivska, 90% of applications from Ukraine are considered unacceptable and are not reviewed in the European Court of Human Rights. This is while Ukraine is one of the leaders in the number of applications.

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) has conducted a study and revealed that 12 out of 22 court victories in 2015 were prepared either by representatives of Human Rights Institutions or lawyers who practised law in the latter (in particular in the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union).

It should be noted that the UHHRU and the Human Rights House Network deliver a distant course “Implementation of International Standards of Human Rights at the National Level” free of charge for those willing to become experts in the field of applications to the European Court and implement its practice in national courts.

Organisers admit this course is unique and has never been delivered before neither in Ukraine, nor in the post-Soviet space countries.

The number of persons willing to take the course was ten per one place.

Hanna Yudkivska, the invited expert of the course, emphasizes, “…The case-law of court is subject to continuous development. To master it at a sufficient level, one needs either to constantly monitor the website of the European Court and read cases (my advice for the lawyers specialised in the field is to do this), or, by all means, to attend lectures of different specialists who specialise in the convention and help in drawing up applications. From this perspective, educational programs of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union are very helpful and I strongly recommend these programs to the lawyers if they have a chance to attend them.”

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