Statement of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) on sealing of the office of the Amnesty International in Russian Federation

Representatives of the Amnesty International stated that they try to solve the problem with Moscow municipal authorities and find out the reason for the one side termination of the rent contract. Conditions of the abrupt termination, broken locks, lack of readiness for communication on the side of municipal authorities, provide us with grounds to think that mentioned actions have been conducted in line with general crackdown on civil society in Russian Federation.

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is deeply concerned by the given fact and demands to stop pressure on the one of the most reputed human rights protection organizations in the world – Amnesty International.

The photo has taken from the FB account of AI Russia Campaigner

We apply to the municipal and state authorities of Russian Federation with hope that work of the organization will be renovated without further intrusions and freedom of association in Russian Federation will not be subjected to further limitations.

We also call upon civic society of Ukraine to demonstrate support and solidarity to the Amnesty International.

Statement is open for signatures.

Arkadiy Bushchenko

Executive Director of the UHHRU

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khphdxhm, jvyykasu, 2 July 2018, 0:12

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