Night thoughts about the President

Viktor Fedorovych,

Staying the night outdoors provides an opportunity to contemplate and arrive at some conclusions.

Last night, I saw dozens of beaten and injured people, and those who saw their last morning on February 18, 2014. I am deeply sorry and I am mourning together with their families, who have yet to go through this pain. What if they brought you both of your sons or at least one of them with his eyes open and wrapped in a blanket? Then, maybe you would realize what you have done with your sticky fingers. Do you think that those dead children are less valuable than yours are? You are wrong. They are real heroes and they will be honored in many years to come.

But I don’t want to thank you for making them heroes. May you also be rewarded with the same pain, which tens and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who mourn their dead are now going through. The children that you have raised will not get to the fifth floor of a burning building climbing a bare wall to rescue a guy, who cannot get out and would burn in few minutes. And tonight, two brave boys with one rope rescued their comrade from the burning Palace of Trade Unions, which your villains had set on fire. I am sure that more than one person was killed by that fire, because over thirty people were rescued by officers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations right from the flames. But not all of them have been rescued. May you see in your dreams every night those people who died because of you last night. When in a country over 20 people are killed in one day, such country would announce official mourning rather than close a subway on a trumped up pretext of a threat of terrorist attacks and prevent buses, trains and private cars from entering the city out of fear in the face of your own people.

Be afraid because your fear is justified.  Live in fear, because there is something to be afraid of – the payback for all that you have done is coming.

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