An appeal from the representatives of the Ukrainian human rights organizations to the UN Human Rights Council Member States

To: Foreign diplomatic missions in Ukraine



An appeal from the representatives of the Ukrainian human rights organizations to the UN Human Rights Council Member States

We, the representatives of Ukrainian human rights organizations, appeal to the foreign diplomatic missions in Ukraine with a request to account for the position of the civil society regarding human rights situation in Ukraine when considering and adopting the resolution on Ukraine by the UN Human Rights Council.


As a result of blatant and mass violations of human rights during the “Euromaidan” events in November 2013 – February 2014, occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in March 2014, and a current military conflict in Lugansk and Donetsk regions involving well-armed combatants who arrive from the territory of Russia, observance of human rights in Ukraine has become ever more problematic.


Civil monitoring of the situation in Crimea and in the East of Ukraine evidences flagrant and numerous violations of all fundamental human rights with insufficient measures applied to de-escalate the situation.   


The United Nations bodies have comprehensively defended and advocated the interests of Ukraine in these grave times. The position of the majority of the UN Member States is particularly reflected in the General Assembly Resolution No. 68/262 as of 27 March 2014 and Joint Geneva Statement on Ukraine as of 17 April 2014. Next week during regular session of the UN Human Rights Council the Member States will be considering and adopting the resolution on cooperation and assistance to Ukraine in the field of human rights protection.


The representatives of Ukrainian human rights organizations request the UN Human Rights Council Members States to take into account and admit to the resolution on cooperation and assistance to Ukraine in the field of human rights protection the following recommendations:


o   to provide international legal assistance to Ukraine for the purposes of investigation and bringing to justice all persons guilty of mass violations of human rights in the country, starting from November 2013;

o   to provide technical support to Ukraine in arranging expedient removal of civilians from the territory of military conflict to the neighboring regions while spreading the information on such opportunity among the civilians;

o   not to rely in their conclusions on the biased information presented by the Russian mass media;

o   to comprehensively facilitate an effective operation of the UN monitoring mission in Ukraine and to allow unhampered operation of the mission throughout the territory of the country, including Crimea, by all parties to the conflict;

o   to call on the self-proclaimed authorities in Crimea and the de facto governing authority of the Russian Federation to retain the Ukrainian legislation in force in Crimea, considering the UN General Assembly resolution 68/262;

o   to call on the Government of the Russian Federation to take effective and adequate measures to prevent armed individuals and groups from crossing the Ukrainian-Russian border;

o   to encourage the Government of Ukraine to adhere to the national legislation while conducting  anti-terrorist operations and to investigate all crimes committed by all parties to the conflict;

o   to call on the Government of Ukraine to investigate all crimes and bring to justice all persons guilty of  blatant and mass violations of human rights during the events, known as “Euromaidan”, in Kyiv and regions (November 2013 – February 2014), as well as in Crimea and eastern regions (starting from February 2014);

o   to call on the Government of Ukraine to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court until the ratification of the Rome Statute.



Organizations’ representative who signed this document:

  1. Oleksandra Matviychuk, Center for Civil Liberties;
  2. Arkadiy Bushchenko, Mykola Kozyrev, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union;
  3. Tetiana Pechonchyk, Human Rights Information Center;
  4. Oksana Romaniuk, Institute of Mass Information;
  5. Evhen Zakharov, Kharkiv Human Rights Group;
  6. Mykola Korobko, “Kryvorizke City Human Rights Association”;
  7. Yuriy Chumak, Center for Legal and Political Research “Duma”;
  8.  Natalia Belitzer, Pylyp Orlyk Institute of Democracy;
  9. Yevhenia Lutsenko, Social and Gender Research Center;
  10. Maria Yasenovska, Kharkiv Oblast Foundation “Public Alternative”;
  11. Volodymyr Khanas, Ternopil Adaptation Men’s Center;
  12. Oleksandra Dvoretska, “Diya” Crimea Human Rights Center;
  13. Yuliya Savelyeva, Sumy Oblast Youth Organization “Gender Consultations and Information Agency”/ Civic Association “Center for Civic Initiatives “Intelligence of Symshchyna”;
  14. Anna Rohovenko, All-Ukrainian Youth Civic Association “European Youth of Ukraine”;
  15. Mridula Gosh, East European Institute for Development;
  16. Valentyna Aleksandruk, Cherkasy City Civic Association “Osvikom”;
  17. Kateryna Chepura, Civic Movement “Vidsich”;
  18. Natalia Hurzhyi, ROKADA Charity Foundation;
  19. Lesia Shevchenko, “Open Society” Foundation;
  20. Hennadiy Kofman, “Center for Modern Information Technologies and Visual Arts” (co-organizer of Docudays UA Film Festival);
  21. Alla Mukshymenko, All-Ukrainian Center for Legal Aid “Public Defender”;
  22. Victor Mazurash, “Nadiya” Civic Human Rights Association;
  23. Iryna Vykhrystiuk, Tatarbunary Raion Civic Environmental Association;
  24. Oleksandr Lapin, Donetsk City Branch of the Donetsk Oblast Civic Association “People’s Control”;
  25. Oleksandr Skyba, All-Ukrainian Civic Association “Youth European Movement”;
  26. Oleksandr Stepanenko, Civic Association “Helsinki Initiative – XXI”;
  27. Vasyl Sukhov, Civic Association “Dnipropetrovsk Human Rights Group”;
  28. Larysa Kolos, Iryna Kochenkov, International Civic Association “School of Equal Opportunities”;
  29. Serhiy Yermoshkin, Odessa Oblast Roma Congress;
  30. Oleksiy Koeller, Odesa Institute for Ethnic Research;
  31. Tetiana Isayeva, “Kharkiv Oblast Gender Resource Center”;
  32.  Oleksiy Kvitkovskyi, Association of Members of Substitution Therapy “ASTAU”;
  33. Hanna Hrebennikova, Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation;
  34. Oksana Kis, Research Center “Woman and Society”;
  35. Oleg Martynenko, Center for Law Enforcement Research;
  36. Sehiy Tkachenko, Dionetsk Oblast Branch of the All-Ukrainian Civic Association “Committee of Voters of Ukraine”
  37. Vitaliy Misiats, Charity Organization “All-Ukrainian Coalition for Legal Aid Provision”;
  38. Tamila Tasheva, “Crimea SOS” Civic Initiative;
  39. Natalia Zabolotna, Zaporizhia Oblast Civic Association “People’s Defence”;
  40. Olha Vesnianka, All-Ukrainian Youth Civic Association “Youth Human Rights Center”;
  41. Dariya Svyrydova, Civic Association “Center for Civic Education ‘Almenda’”;
  42. Information and Analysis Center “Civic Space”;
  43. Volodymyr Shcherbachenko, East Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives;
  44. Volodymyr Shevchenko, Ternopil Human Rights Group;
  45. Serhiy Burov, Civic Association MART; Educational Human Rights House Foundation in Chernihiv;
  46. Halyna Protsiv, Environmental Club “Krai”/ International Association “Eco-Tiras”;
  47. Olena Suslova, Information and Consultation Women’s Center;
  48. Ivan Reznik, Valentyna Volik, Civic Association “U of Konotop Community”;
  49. Halyna Bakhmatova, Dementiy Belyi, Kherson Oblast Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine;
  50. Larysa Zalyvna, Luhansk Oblast Human Rights Women’s Organization “Chaika”;
  51. Liubomyra Kachmarska, Ternopil Environmental Association “Our City”;
  52. Rostyslav Tomenchuk, Ukrainian Institute of International Politics;
  53. Oleksandr Tytarchuk, All-Ukrainian Association “Union of Peacekeeping Missions Participants”
  54. Serhiy Petrovskyi, Civic Association “Independence”;
  55. Natalia Lyhachova, Civic Association “Telekrytyka”;
  56. Liubomyr Hrytsak, All-Ukrainian Youth Civic Association “Youth Movement”;
  57. Hyzhko Andriy, Vinnytsia Oblast Committee of Youth Organizations;
  58. Rostyslav Dzundza, Civic Association “Social and Political Developments”;
  59. Maksym Latsyba, Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Research;
  60. Rivne Oblast Civic Association “Center for Support for Civic Initiatives “Chaika”;
  61. Marfa Skoryk, Charity Organization “Kyiv Institute for Gender Research”;
  62. Andriy Hnyda, “Your Right” Charity Organization.

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